Bookstores Stocking My Book

The journey of Ethereal Malignance through bookstores and libraries has been exciting. Here’s where it’s made an appearance, and the role each place has played.

This isn’t including online platforms, only bookstores local to me in Canberra.


The Book Cow in Kingston

The Book Cow, an independent bookstore, was the first place to stock my book, and hosted my book launch back in October last year, which was a success, with a highlight being the Q&A session with the owner. It was a fantastic beginning. This is the brick and mortar bookstore to have moved the most copies of my book.




Harry Hartog Stores

Next, the Harry Hartog stores in the Australian National University, Tuggeranong and Woden welcomed my book. The ANU location was the first Harry Hartog onboard, and the below photo is at the Tuggeranong store.


CITSA Bookshops

The Canberra Institute of Technology’s Student Association (CITSA) was eager to stock my book in their bookstores at CIT Reid and CIT Bruce, and available for sale at the front counters of CIT Gungahlin and CIT Tuggeranong. CITSA have been extremely supportive, and is only behind The Book Cow in terms of raw numbers of sales.



CIT Library

The CIT Reid Library, incorporating my book into its collection. This allows students easy access to my book without charge. Every time I go to show it off to people the book is borrowed out, which is a good sign!


ACT Libraries

Libraries ACT, the public libraries for the Australian Capital Territory have my book stocked in two different locations (in the local authors section of the Reid library, and in the Heritage library in Fyshwick). I went to get a photo of my book in situ, but much like the above library example, a reader borrowing it is more important than my attempted photo op!


POP Canberra in Braddon

POP Canberra stocks products relevant to the local area and community, and that they now stock my book is a sign of their support for local authors. I’ve also listed my book in stock through POP Canberra’s online store.


Paperchain Manuka

The independent bookstore Paperchain at Manuka has recently begun stocking my book, so I’m hoping to drive some traffic their way!


Book Face Gungahlin: The Latest Addition

Book Face in Gungahlin is the newest venue to showcase my book. Though I haven’t captured a visit in photos yet, knowing my book is there is exciting, and I plan to stop by soon. Also hoping to maybe do a talk there, but I haven’t organised that yet.



If you’re in the Canberra region, why not support these local businesses by dropping in and buying locally! 😊

I’m grateful to the staff and managers of each of these bookstores and libraries for their ongoing support!

And if yu’d like to read the book without buying it, your local library will probably be happy to order in a copy of the book for you to borrow if you give them the details.

Looking forward to sharing more updates soon!