May Update

My debut supernatural thriller novella Ethereal Malignance is almost finished with my copy editor.

I also have five things I’m working on at the moment:

  • Ethereal Allurance is a supernatural thriller short story set before my debut novella, and will give you a good sense of what you can expect from Ethereal Malignance. It’s with beta readers right now, and then will be heading to my proofreader. This short story will be publicly available by July, if not earlier.

  • My writing guild is putting together an anthology of short stories. I’ve written a submission that I’ll talk more about later.

  • I wrote a short story set in the immediate aftermath of Ethereal Malignance. It’s just finished being checked my sensitivity readers, and I’ve now sent it to my developmental editor.

  • I wrote the first draft for the sequel of Ethereal Malignance. More details to come later.

  • My short story Don’t Go Back has been accepted by a journal for publishing. More on that later, too.

I’m still working with my cover artist on developing the cover art for Ethereal Malignance, and sometime in the next month or so I will also talk about music I’ve comissioned.

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