Phoar. I’m pretty shattered because I just wrote this all up, then the browser crashed and I lost it all.
This version probably won’t be as elegant, but here goes.
I’m really sick at the moment (not COVID!) so no research article or book review today.
Instead, here’s an update on where I’m up to with each of my projects:
  • Ethereal Malignance, my debut supernatural thriller novella, is with my copy editor now. I also have cover art that’s in progress, as well as something special which is 100% finished but that I can’t publicly reveal just yet.
  • Ethereal Allurance, a supernatural thriller short story that’s set a few years prior to Ethereal Malignance, has been handed back to me by my copy editor and I’m finalising that part of the process now. Next will be a final round of beta readers, then proofreading.
  • I’ve written a speculative fiction piece (it’ll either end up as a short story or a piece of flash fiction) titled Antonia and the Colossus, which my developmental editor has handed back to me, so I’m sorting through those edits and comments now. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with this one: either publicly releasing it or entering it into a writing contest if I can find one that would be suitable.
  • I’ve also written a horror short story titled Not Only Bears that I’m going to submit into a writing competition. I’ve almost finalised the copy editing stage, and then I’ll be onto proofreading. Probably won’t see this one publicly until I either a winner is announced for the contest, which closes at the end of the month.
Anyway, I hope to be back on my feet properly in the coming days, and hope to have a proper update for you next week.
Until then, I hope you’re doing better than I am!
If you have any questions or comments, please join the community and share them!